Criminal Law: Understanding Your RightCriminal Law: Understanding Your Right

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Criminal Law: Understanding Your Right

Hello, my name is Wendy. Last year, I got my first taste of Australian law when I was accused of a serious crime. I run my own business and one day, the place was raided by the police who were investigating alleged financial fraud. I was taken in for questioning and then released on bail. I was really worried but then I found a great criminal lawyer who explained what was going on and how I could defend myself. When the case finally came to court, my lawyer was ace and all charges were eventually dropped against me. I hope my blog is useful.


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Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer

Family law is a branch of legislation that provides guidelines for handling domestic matters and family relationships. Family lawyers are specialists in this class of law, and they address such issues as child custody, divorce, and guardianship. This piece discusses the importance of hiring a family lawyer. 

Avoiding Mistakes 

The legal system might appear complicated, and the stress of the divorce or custody hearing might lead you to make mistakes. If you omit even the slightest details, you might make huge mistakes. For example, overestimating or underestimating the value of an asset during your divorce might cost you a lot. Family lawyers are meticulous about the details in your paperwork, valuation of your assets, stipulations of the law, and other information. 

Reaching Binding Agreements

Most family conflicts involve people who spent years together and probably shared fond memories for decades. The respect for such moments might leave you and your partner settling conflicts cordially, and you may also be reluctant to involve another party. However, reaching a binding agreement in the presence of a lawyer can prevent family conflicts from haunting you in the future. Family lawyers can draft and discuss various arrangements that courts, judges, and other parties can enforce in the future. For instance, they formalise consent orders to ensure each party abides by their terms. 

Preventing Delays

When filing for divorce, child adoption, or sole custody, you must file different forms and provide specific documentation. Your family lawyer knows the required paperwork and due process. Therefore, you are sure that your issue does not get delayed due to missing paperwork or procedural mistakes. For instance, when filing for divorce, the lawyer will ask for an affidavit from the process server to ensure your spouse received the divorce documents. Failure to provide the affidavit complicates and lengthens the divorce process.

Ensuring Professionalism

Family issues have an emotional aspect that may interfere with your judgement when handling legal matters. A family lawyer acts as an intermediary to represent your interests during negotiations and court proceedings. It protects you from making emotional decisions that impact the divorce process. For instance, when drafting consent orders, the lawyer ensures that you prioritise your child's interests instead of selfish ambitions aimed at punishing your partner. 

A family attorney is an expert in family law who can help you avoid mistakes, reach binding agreements, prevent delays, and ensure professionalism in legal proceedings. When hiring the lawyer, conduct your due diligence to ensure they are experienced and have a valid licence.